Chapter 12: The new guy and the Worst To-Do List Ever

Chiron had heard of Jose Maria Von de Los Cantos, whom Luis claimed was his adoptive father, so he promised he’d check up on Luis while we took him with us to the Deep Jungle to finish Drungleheim’s map. Real hot, real humid, I wanted out of there as soon as possible. Someone remembered that there is an ancient Yuan-ti temple in the jungle just before we were attacked by a patrol of the evil snake-men with their poisons and bewitching magics. I had the awful feeling we’d be seeing more of them real soon.

  1. Map + Drungleheim’s scroll = save Windgap
  2. Crown + Rod = beat Sertume
  3. Chiron’s friends, trapped in gems
  4. War vs. Raumark
  5. Undead control Arun city.
Chapter 11: Cold Mountain & the Thickening of the Plot

The Giant Chieftain was our next target. We teleported to a mountain and began heading up. We stopped by a cave only to find a tremendous frost-lizard, lightning shooting thing. It was tough, but we took it out. My last cutting blow opened up a whole in its side and a magic cloak dropped out.

The critter has previously snacked on a giant; we rifled through his pockets and found a note this guy was supposed to deliver to Mordrann. The Shattered Bonez Chieftain Martuk, having failed to kidnap Chiron, were going to ask Mordrann for help.

Arriving at the Giant’s Temple to Gramgosh, we snooped around and headed in the back door. We slew a few cyclopses (what exactly is the plural of cyclops?) and frost giants. We crept into the main chamber and caught a conversation between an Oni and Mordrann the Fomorian. Mordrann was angry at the Oni for the failure to capture Chiron, an important target, which may have something to do with a scroll. We engaged in a complicated ruse involving illusory magic and plain old deception, which led Mordrann to reveal that Chiron and Mordrann were prior enemies in a war he claims Chiron started. He also said, “If Chiron wants to see his friends alive again, he needs to repent! The souls of Chiron’s friends are in peril.”

Mordrann had the terrible power to ensorcle the minds of men, which I had the dubious distinction of experiencing, both when he controlled me, and when he controlled my old buddy Khaas Kang into slashing me nearly into pieces. When we arrived he had control of a tiefling who calls himself Luis. After the battle, Luis told us that he brought a group of adventurers to the Temple to find the Rod of the Dove, a device he needs to defeat the terrible demon Sertume, who is going to blot out the sun and enslave the world for a hundred years. There’s a story I’ve heard before.

Luis was also looking for us. The dragonborn we ran outta that cave have been spreading the word about us. Luis figured out based on our other battles that we were likely to be headed to the Temple also. Given the number of enemies we’ve been piling up, Luis seemed to be just as likely friend than foe. Actually considering past experience, much more likely foe than friend.

We didn’t entirely have time to check out his references. though I did pick up a fist-sized ruby off one of his dead adventuring buddies. We portalled back to Chiron to ask him some pertinent questions about the travails of his youth. Chiron revealed that in his younger days, during the war between Raumark & Zacaruis, he and his adventuring group travelled in the fey-underdark to find a weapon that could defeat Raumark. Chiron was the only one to escape the fomorian’s twisted tunnels. His allies’s souls were trapped inside gems by Formorian magic, where they apparently remain to this day.

Chapter 10: The Many-Headed Deity and the King of Crazy Town

The Definitive Authoratative Heroes of the North’s not everyday that you are adventuring with a guy whose last name is “the Mad” and you happen upon someone even crazier than he is.

After finding the wooden duck was absent from the lighthouse, we headed down to the lighthouse’s mansion. I quickly deduced the reason for the flickering light and the crashing of the Abel Rosa, unfortunately, nobody listens.

As it so happens, General Lycurgus lost a the battle at the bridge to Aubenforth IV-the turning point in the War for Arun-a few years back, and he kinda hasn’t gotten over it. He’s taken to using the lighthouse to shipwreck merchant vessels; then he locks the sailors up so he can use them as soldiers in his bloody re-playing of the battle. On our way out to visit his play-bridge I knocked him out with the butt of my rapier. The affect didn’t last long though, as the General proved to be an incredible opponent. We tried to scare him and cajole him and intimidate him to end the fight, but he realized he was winning, and kept fighting. Just before the General could finish us off, I realized that we and he had a mutual enemy, Aubenforth V. I showed the General my journal as proof that we had battled the brute squad and the battle ended.

note written in margin, but I digress (yeah right, for now, they’ll be hearing about this one later, and a lot, and Darmok is smelly).

Chapter 9: to Thorn Hill and Beyond

The best Darmok could do was a man named Chiron who lives near Thorn Hill in the land of Arun. I would later learn he wasn’t the Demonologist he Darmok believed he was, only to then later later learn he was such a Demonologist, only Demonologists prefer the more inquisitionally-correct title Planar-Particulars-Professional (PPP). We’d also learn that PPPs aren’t so trusting when it comes to desseminating their knowledge of things other-planar. Even after rescuing Chiron from the Shattered Bone Giant Tribe, Chiron wouldn’t tell us much until we proved we were good people.

Earning the Trust of a PPP: Expensive Look on Chiron’s apprentice’s face when the ‘Agricultural Sage’ opened up an extraplanar library and portal-exit above the master bedroom: Priceless

So we portalled over to the ruined city of Arun, the old capital, and marched our way to the palace where we crushed the undead king and his retinue, only to be forced back by the man who ruined the city, the ancient lich, Advisor-Skull-Bone-Face-Bastard-Suckhead…

ahem, Thorax pulled a map off the old kings undead corpse which we’re now going to use to find some stuff so we can find some stuff that will help us defeat the demon. And, we maybe, kinda, insinuated to the local tax collecter posse of absurdly powerful adventurer-types, that because Thorax has the old king’s crown, that he is now rightfully the king and whomever is charge now should step down.

Chapter 8: One Life to Live

Learning that a mighty demon was going to wreak havoc on my hometown and then track me down and torture me before sending me to a watery grave put life into a new perspective. It placed a great emphasis on living each day to the fullest. And I would get to doing that, right after a drank so much that I couldn’t think feel or see anything.

Having accomplished that feat, I spent my remaining gold pieces on treasure maps. I was going to need a terrible weapon to defeat such a terrible opponent. In between treasure hunts I met a Dragonborn male that named Khaas. He pulled me out of an unfortunate situation involving a lovely girl and her boyfriend and his pack of hooligans. I liked that cut of his reptilian gib, so I invited him along on my next treasure hunt. Surprisingly, (don’t worry, I played it off like there is always a treasure under the giant ‘X’ on the map) there was a really sweet suit of plate mail on the lowest level of the jungle-temple. Khaas had proved himself a capable combatant so I let him in on the whole demon-thing. He went off on some ramble about punishing him and protecting that, but the takeaway is that he agreed to help me and Darmok defeat the demon.

Having found someone to stand in front of me in combat, now I needed someone to keep me standing upright on occasion I am wounded by the enemy. Who would be crazy enough for this madman’s quest I wondered? Of course, the insane-est dragonborn male in the whole of the Sea of Breezes, Thorax of the Golden Talons. I located Thorax in one of the old haunts and he agreed to join up as well. The timing was perfect because I was running out of time before I needed to meet up with Darmok; before we parted, Darmok committed himself to finding a sufficiently learned sage who could provide us with insight into battling a demon.


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