Swashbuckler, tenor, former-pirate and saver of distressed damsels


Trevor is charming and optimistic, a polished leggiero tenor and a lover of stories, especially those that involve daring-do and fair maidens. Trevor is handsome, with long wavy brown hair, frequently tied with a bow, and he favors leather pants, puffy white shirts, especially those made in Windgap, and wide soft-brimmed hats.


“I can’t remember my parents, being that they could not afford my care and thought it best that I be trained as a seaman. Yes, it’s sad but true, I was indentured on the noble ship Valiant at the tender age of 10” “Pirate ship Valiant you say? Did I say Valiant, I meant Veliant, it’s French, eh, nevermind. The pir…I mean princely captain of the ship saw my potential right away” “physical strength, no no, my mockingbird like singing voice. Anyways, I sailed the seven seas until my 18th birthday and the end of my indenture, which has brought me to this port of call”

Having had a while to reflect on the ethics he developed as a pirate, Fitroy is somewhat embarrassed by some of his early behavior. How was he to know that hanging people upside down over the sides of boats or buildings during interrogations is considered inappropriate by land-lubbers?


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