An elder sage from the farming community of Thornhill. Recently his past as an adventurer has surfaced.


Chiron is a sage from the farming community of Thornhill. Chiron was recently abducted by a band of savages from the Shattered Bonez Clan. Luckily, due to the heroics of Fitzroy, Darmok, Khaas & Thorax; Chiron has been returned safely to his home in Thornhill.

Chiron’s rescuers asked him for information about demons & shadow monsters. Chiron assured the rescuers that if they could prove their souls altruistic then he would grant them the information they seek. Chiron watched on as the adventurers proved their souls pure in the evils of Arun. While leaving the ruined city the group was fortunate enough to find a piece of a map under the old king of Arun’s crown.

Chiron has a bitter disdain for Raumark Aubenforth V and despises his tax collectors and their brutish tactics.


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