Chapter 10: The Many-Headed Deity and the King of Crazy Town

The Definitive Authoratative Heroes of the North’s not everyday that you are adventuring with a guy whose last name is “the Mad” and you happen upon someone even crazier than he is.

After finding the wooden duck was absent from the lighthouse, we headed down to the lighthouse’s mansion. I quickly deduced the reason for the flickering light and the crashing of the Abel Rosa, unfortunately, nobody listens.

As it so happens, General Lycurgus lost a the battle at the bridge to Aubenforth IV-the turning point in the War for Arun-a few years back, and he kinda hasn’t gotten over it. He’s taken to using the lighthouse to shipwreck merchant vessels; then he locks the sailors up so he can use them as soldiers in his bloody re-playing of the battle. On our way out to visit his play-bridge I knocked him out with the butt of my rapier. The affect didn’t last long though, as the General proved to be an incredible opponent. We tried to scare him and cajole him and intimidate him to end the fight, but he realized he was winning, and kept fighting. Just before the General could finish us off, I realized that we and he had a mutual enemy, Aubenforth V. I showed the General my journal as proof that we had battled the brute squad and the battle ended.

note written in margin, but I digress (yeah right, for now, they’ll be hearing about this one later, and a lot, and Darmok is smelly).



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