Chapter 9: to Thorn Hill and Beyond

The best Darmok could do was a man named Chiron who lives near Thorn Hill in the land of Arun. I would later learn he wasn’t the Demonologist he Darmok believed he was, only to then later later learn he was such a Demonologist, only Demonologists prefer the more inquisitionally-correct title Planar-Particulars-Professional (PPP). We’d also learn that PPPs aren’t so trusting when it comes to desseminating their knowledge of things other-planar. Even after rescuing Chiron from the Shattered Bone Giant Tribe, Chiron wouldn’t tell us much until we proved we were good people.

Earning the Trust of a PPP: Expensive Look on Chiron’s apprentice’s face when the ‘Agricultural Sage’ opened up an extraplanar library and portal-exit above the master bedroom: Priceless

So we portalled over to the ruined city of Arun, the old capital, and marched our way to the palace where we crushed the undead king and his retinue, only to be forced back by the man who ruined the city, the ancient lich, Advisor-Skull-Bone-Face-Bastard-Suckhead…

ahem, Thorax pulled a map off the old kings undead corpse which we’re now going to use to find some stuff so we can find some stuff that will help us defeat the demon. And, we maybe, kinda, insinuated to the local tax collecter posse of absurdly powerful adventurer-types, that because Thorax has the old king’s crown, that he is now rightfully the king and whomever is charge now should step down.



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