Chapter 8: One Life to Live

Learning that a mighty demon was going to wreak havoc on my hometown and then track me down and torture me before sending me to a watery grave put life into a new perspective. It placed a great emphasis on living each day to the fullest. And I would get to doing that, right after a drank so much that I couldn’t think feel or see anything.

Having accomplished that feat, I spent my remaining gold pieces on treasure maps. I was going to need a terrible weapon to defeat such a terrible opponent. In between treasure hunts I met a Dragonborn male that named Khaas. He pulled me out of an unfortunate situation involving a lovely girl and her boyfriend and his pack of hooligans. I liked that cut of his reptilian gib, so I invited him along on my next treasure hunt. Surprisingly, (don’t worry, I played it off like there is always a treasure under the giant ‘X’ on the map) there was a really sweet suit of plate mail on the lowest level of the jungle-temple. Khaas had proved himself a capable combatant so I let him in on the whole demon-thing. He went off on some ramble about punishing him and protecting that, but the takeaway is that he agreed to help me and Darmok defeat the demon.

Having found someone to stand in front of me in combat, now I needed someone to keep me standing upright on occasion I am wounded by the enemy. Who would be crazy enough for this madman’s quest I wondered? Of course, the insane-est dragonborn male in the whole of the Sea of Breezes, Thorax of the Golden Talons. I located Thorax in one of the old haunts and he agreed to join up as well. The timing was perfect because I was running out of time before I needed to meet up with Darmok; before we parted, Darmok committed himself to finding a sufficiently learned sage who could provide us with insight into battling a demon.



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