Chapter 12: The new guy and the Worst To-Do List Ever

Chiron had heard of Jose Maria Von de Los Cantos, whom Luis claimed was his adoptive father, so he promised he’d check up on Luis while we took him with us to the Deep Jungle to finish Drungleheim’s map. Real hot, real humid, I wanted out of there as soon as possible. Someone remembered that there is an ancient Yuan-ti temple in the jungle just before we were attacked by a patrol of the evil snake-men with their poisons and bewitching magics. I had the awful feeling we’d be seeing more of them real soon.

  1. Map + Drungleheim’s scroll = save Windgap
  2. Crown + Rod = beat Sertume
  3. Chiron’s friends, trapped in gems
  4. War vs. Raumark
  5. Undead control Arun city.



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