Chapter 11: Cold Mountain & the Thickening of the Plot

The Giant Chieftain was our next target. We teleported to a mountain and began heading up. We stopped by a cave only to find a tremendous frost-lizard, lightning shooting thing. It was tough, but we took it out. My last cutting blow opened up a whole in its side and a magic cloak dropped out.

The critter has previously snacked on a giant; we rifled through his pockets and found a note this guy was supposed to deliver to Mordrann. The Shattered Bonez Chieftain Martuk, having failed to kidnap Chiron, were going to ask Mordrann for help.

Arriving at the Giant’s Temple to Gramgosh, we snooped around and headed in the back door. We slew a few cyclopses (what exactly is the plural of cyclops?) and frost giants. We crept into the main chamber and caught a conversation between an Oni and Mordrann the Fomorian. Mordrann was angry at the Oni for the failure to capture Chiron, an important target, which may have something to do with a scroll. We engaged in a complicated ruse involving illusory magic and plain old deception, which led Mordrann to reveal that Chiron and Mordrann were prior enemies in a war he claims Chiron started. He also said, “If Chiron wants to see his friends alive again, he needs to repent! The souls of Chiron’s friends are in peril.”

Mordrann had the terrible power to ensorcle the minds of men, which I had the dubious distinction of experiencing, both when he controlled me, and when he controlled my old buddy Khaas Kang into slashing me nearly into pieces. When we arrived he had control of a tiefling who calls himself Luis. After the battle, Luis told us that he brought a group of adventurers to the Temple to find the Rod of the Dove, a device he needs to defeat the terrible demon Sertume, who is going to blot out the sun and enslave the world for a hundred years. There’s a story I’ve heard before.

Luis was also looking for us. The dragonborn we ran outta that cave have been spreading the word about us. Luis figured out based on our other battles that we were likely to be headed to the Temple also. Given the number of enemies we’ve been piling up, Luis seemed to be just as likely friend than foe. Actually considering past experience, much more likely foe than friend.

We didn’t entirely have time to check out his references. though I did pick up a fist-sized ruby off one of his dead adventuring buddies. We portalled back to Chiron to ask him some pertinent questions about the travails of his youth. Chiron revealed that in his younger days, during the war between Raumark & Zacaruis, he and his adventuring group travelled in the fey-underdark to find a weapon that could defeat Raumark. Chiron was the only one to escape the fomorian’s twisted tunnels. His allies’s souls were trapped inside gems by Formorian magic, where they apparently remain to this day.



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